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Two weeks ago, LulzSec — a group of hackers notorious for causing trouble just because they can — released more than 62,000 email/password combinations. Their followers began using these combinations to hijack Paypal accounts, Facebook profiles, place orders and more.

The event, while troubling for the people affected, was also a good reminder of the importance of using unique passwords on the internet rather than just sticking with one uesrname/password combination everywhere.

Of course, the problem with that is that you then have to remember all of those passwords, which can result in a lot of frustration when trying to log onto a site that you don’t visit every day.

So, what’s the solution? Some people prefer good ol’ paper and pencil, and there are a variety of free password printables and password organizers available.

Because I log in and out of dozens of sites every day from a variety of locations, I prefer a password manager. Last year I switched from Roboform to LastPass, and I couldn’t be happier.

About LastPass

LastPass is a free password manager that is continually recognized for their advanced security and evolving technology. It is also very user friendly:

  • Use one master password to access your “vault”, where all of your passwords are stored.
  • Synchronize across multiple browsers and/or computers.
  • Your data is encrypted locally on your computer, so only you can access it with your master password.
  • Set LastPass to automatically fill in your login information or automatically log you in.
  • Save multiple logins for a single site.
  • Automatically fill forms for you.
  • Save any sensitive data in your LastPass vault, not just passwords.
  • Generate unique passwords automatically for even better security.

To sign up, simply download LastPass to your computer and then create an account, and you’re ready to roll!

How do you organize your passwords? Do you use unique passwords for every site?