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Managing Your Time on Social Media

The following guest post is from Nicole, author of Blog Boost E-book:

managing time on social media
source: Alan Levine

For me, time I spend blogging and on blogging related activities like social media is sometimes time I could be spending with my family.  Therefore, I am quite careful about how I spend my blogging time.  Part of this is being able to measure the impact of where I spend my time on social media.  This is often referred to as return on investment (ROI) – my investment in this case being my time.

I do expect a ROI for the time I spend on social media – not everyone does and you don’t have to. It is one of the choices you can make as a blogger.  But if I am going to be investing time in social media, I want to be able measure the impact it has to make sure I am using my time effectively.

To do this you will need to define how you want to measure your ROI as there is more than one way to measure the impact:

  • Interactions
  • Shares / retweets
  • Referrals to blog

I look at referrals to the blog – how does my time on the social media translate in getting visitors to my blog.

social media traffic sources
source: Nicole Avdery

Google Analytics makes it  very easy to track as well.  Simply go to “Traffic Sources”, then “Social” as you can see in the screen shot to view what social networks are referring traffic to your blog.

The table below represents in both volume and percentage terms the referral traffic each social media network delivered to the blog in a month. This is not the complete list of referrals just the top 10.

social media traffic sources
source: Nicole Avery

Social Media Strategy

After  analyzing this data I developed a strategy for using social media.  Prior to developing my recent strategy, I had tried a number of different ways to manage my social media usage:

  • Chat depending on my mood – no defined strategy really!
  • Set time limits for each network – eg 15 minutes a day per social network

Neither worked well for me as it didn’t necessarily take into account key factors like:

  • The impact of the social media network
  • My blogging goals
  • My personal preferences

Hierarchy of Social Media Usage

The social media strategy I have used over the last six months, and have found to have the most success with in terms of both ROI and fitting in with my time goals for blogging, has been to create a hierarchy for social media usage.

Taking the information about which social networks refer the greatest amount of traffic to the blog and my own personal preferences, I now spend what available time I have for social media on the social networks in this order:

  • Facebook
    • Pinterest
      • Twitter
        • Instagram
          • Google +

So, when times get busy, I will keep posting on facebook and possible Pinterest but will drop off my activity on Google + and Instagram for example.  I have almost no time, I will at least post something once a day on facebook as my minimum.

The most important thing I have found with social media is that it is very much like email – the more you do the more work it creates.  You have to control it and not let it control you!  Choose your social networks wisely and use tools like focus booster to limit the amount of time you spend on the networks to grow your blog at a rate you can manage.

 Do you manage your time on social media? If so, what tools do you use to analyze your best investment of time?

Nicole Avery is a mum to 5, blogger, author and coach. Her blog Planning with Kids is recognized as one of the top parenting blogs in Australia. Her Blog Boost E-book has just been released and will give you even more tips on how to make the most of your blogging time.