MapQuest {iOS App of the Week}

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MapQuest Mobile App

Despite their popularity and usefulness, we’ve never had a GPS for our cars (although we have at times borrowed them from family members). It was just one of those things we could never bring ourselves to pay for when we were so used to printing out directions from MapQuest.

Later, we began pulling up directions on the native app on our iPhone, and then last year I discovered the talking MapQuest app, and I haven’t looked back!

This FREE app gives you voice-guided, turn-by-turn, GPS-style directions on your iPhone. It’s easy to use and makes it easy to pull up restaurants, gas stations with one click.

In addition to using it locally when we’re headed to unfamiliar places, I used it when I took the girls to see Jonah at the Sights & Sounds Theater in Lancaster, PA, and we relied heavily on it during our anniversary trip to Charleston, SC last year. It’s accurate and simple to use, both of which I appreciate, especially when I’m by myself!

Download for your iPhone: MapQuest (FREE)

P.S. This one is also available for Android.

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