Maximize Your Blogging: Make a Plan

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source: Mexicanwave

Most bloggers find themselves burnt out and overworked at some point during their blogging career. We’ll be looking at methods, tips and tricks to simplify and organize your blogging so that you’re getting more done in less time and maximizing your blogging time.

To start, though, as always, we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

Why Do You Blog?

  • Is your blog simply a record of your family’s daily life?
  • Are you blogging for posterity’s sake?
  • Do you blog to connect with other people?
  • To share knowledge you have that you think is valuable for other people?
  • Is blogging a business or a hobby for you?

When Do You Blog?

  • Do you blog regularly or sporadically?
  • Is your blog time-sensitive?
  • Do you participate in weekly themes and memes?
  • Is blogging something you’re committed to, or do you just fit it in when you have the time?

How Do You Blog?

  • Do you have an outline of post ideas you follow?
  • Do you have a specific template or format for posts that you follow?
  • Do you plan posts ahead of time?
  • How do you decide what pictures to use?

You may want to write the answers to these questions down as you think through your blogging style and goals, or you may just want to keep them in mind. Either way, knowing why, when and how you blog will be an important step in deciding which of the ideas and tips we talk about will work best for you so that you can organize your blogging!