Maximizing Your Kitchen Space: Thinking Through Your Needs

source: Simple-Rawk
source: Simple-Rawk

It’s the week many of you have been waiting for, the start of our series on Maximizing Your Kitchen Space!

Having an organized kitchen makes cooking – and even cleaning up – easier and more enjoyable, and we’ll be looking at a lot of different strategies and ideas to make the most of whatever space you have. I have a feeling that this series will span many, many weeks (although not consecutively because next week we’ll be joining the Simple Mom Spring Cleaning Party!).

As always, I recommend you start by thinking through your individual needs, preferences and lifestyle, which will make it easier to decide which tips and systems will work best for you:

Layout and Size

  • How big is your kitchen? Do you feel like it’s too big, not big enough or just right?
  • Does your kitchen have a pantry, or do you keep your food in your cabinets?
  • Are there awkward cabinets or drawers that don’t really seem to be a good fit for any of your stuff?
  • Do you keep anything that’s not related to cooking or eating in your kitchen?

Cooking Style

  • Do you make elaborate meals that use dozens of dishes and utensils? Or do you prefer simpler meals that require as few dishes and utensils as possible?
  • Are you a messy or neat cook?
  • Do you use mostly fresh ingredients or more processed ingredients? (I promise I have a good reason for asking – think about the type of trash that both create and the way you dispose of it.)

Current Likes and Dislikes

It’s probably easier to think of the things you don’t like about your kitchen than it is to think of those that you do, but try to think about the features you might take for granted that make your life easier on an every day basis because you’ll want to make sure you keep those even if you reorganize your kitchen, and they’ll also give you insight into what other things might make your kitchen even more functional.

  • What do you like about your kitchen currently?
  • What feature do you most dislike?
  • Which small appliances or kitchen tools do you dread using because of their location?
  • Which things do you find yourself shifting or moving around more than actually using them?

What is your biggest struggle in organizing your kitchen?