Meal Planning Made Easy with Plan to Eat {+ New Features!}

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about Plan to Eat, but our family still uses it almost every week for our meal planning and shopping list.

If you’re not familiar with Plan to Eat, it’s an online meal planner that lets you create a Recipe Book from your favorite recipes and those you want to try, build a meal plan from those recipes and then automatically generate a shopping list.

As someone who regularly forgot to buy important ingredients for my recipes when meal planning on paper, it’s been a huge time- and sanity-saver!

When I first introduced Plan to Eat more than two years ago, I said that one of my favorite features was their willingness to continue investing in the service, adding additional features and improving the program overall. It truly does just keep getting better and better!

With that said, here are some new features you may want to check out:


Plan to Eat Bookmarklet
The Plan to Eat bookmarklet makes it easy to import recipes from any website.

To use it, click on Add Recipe from your Recipe Book. Then drag the bookmarklet at the top of that page to your browser toolbar.

When you come across a recipe you want to add to your account, simply click Save Recipe to Plan to Eat button on your toolbar. It will bring up a side window. On many sites, this window will already be populated with the title, ingredients and directions for the recipe. On some sites you’ll need to copy that information and paste it in manually, but it takes maybe 30 seconds to do since you don’t have to switch between windows.

This little tool makes it so easy to add new recipes to my Recipe Book (and bloggers will be happy to know that it automatically captures the source!), and that means I add more recipes to our meal plan!

Share Recipes

Plan to Eat Group

If you’re looking for more meal planning inspiration, the Life Your Way group on Plan to Eat currently has more than 20,000 recipes from Life Your Way readers! To join, simply click here. When you’re in your Recipe Book, you’ll see a tab that says “Groups”.

Click on the Life Your Way group to view recipes, queue them for later, save them to your Recipe Book or add them to your Planner!

Bulk Planning

Plan to Eat Bulk Planning Tools

Meal planning just got a little easier with these new bulk meal planning tools, which let you copy, move or delete planned items in bulk. Want to plan a monthly breakfast menu and copy it from month to month? No problem. Do you need to adjust your dinner menu forward by a day because of an unexpected event? You can do that too. Choose from a variety of options to easily manage your meal plan and save yourself time in the process.

I’d love to get a 6-week meal plan in place and simply repeat it every six weeks so that all I have to do is grocery shop! Maybe I’ll add that to my summer projects list.

Easy Shopping List

Plan to Eat Shopping List

The Shopping List has gotten a recent update as well! It’s cleaner visually so you can quickly see the date range, view your weekly planner and move items between stores. You can also now hide the pantry (if you’re like me and don’t use that feature!).

The Shopping List is my favorite feature of Plan to Eat because it goes through my recipes and automatically compiles a list of all the ingredients I need for our meal plan, which means I no longer forget key ingredients at the store!

Sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and give it a try for yourself! Be sure to friend me (I’m mandiehman), and browse through the Life Your Way group for more than 20,000 recipes from our members!

Do you meal plan? What’s your favorite Plan to Eat feature?