Menu Plan Monday: Week of 4/18/11

menu plan monday

One of the best parts about blogging my weekly menu is that it forces me out of my meal planning rut. Most people don’t like to eat the same 6 meals over and over again, but it’s easy to fall into that rut over time.

Knowing people are going to be looking at my meal plan is making me take a second look at how often I’m serving the same meals. Our breakfasts and lunches don’t change too much from week to week, and I’m okay with that, but I like for there to be more variety in our dinners, which isn’t always easy with picky eaters in the house!

I use Plan to Eat for all of my meal planning because I can simply drag meals from my recipe book to the menu planner and then the system automatically creates a shopping list for me!

With that, here is our menu for this week:




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What’s on your menu this week?