MindMaple Mind Mapping Software

mind-mapleI’ve always been a fan of mind maps, which help you organize thoughts, break down topics and goals into smaller chunks and think through ideas more completely.

In fact, we even have a nifty mind map printable available, and I’ve also used and shared my thoughts about the Popplet app for iOS devices.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when the founder of MindMaple emailed me about their desktop mind mapping software, but I decided to give it a try (honestly, I was probably procrastinating at the time!), and I was really excited by what I found.

It’s true that mind mapping is a pretty basic concept and I didn’t honestly expect to find anything earth-shattering in this program, but what they’ve done is made the mind map itself so easy to create and manipulate that you can really focus on your thoughts and ideas without wasting valuable time and energy trying to get the infrastructure to do what you want it to do. (Anyone else been there?)


MindMaple Features

In addition to an easy to use interface, MindMaple also lets you:

  • Visually draw out subtopics and place them where you want them rather than having them show up in predetermined locations.
  • Add tasks to subtopics.
  • Create floating topics and notes.
  • Add callouts and relationship lines.
  • Change colors, shapes and more.
  • Balance the map, align topics, add numbering and sort subtopics.
  • Add colors, textures and pictures to your mind map background.
  • And the map automatically adjusts to make room as you add additional topics and subtopics.

Download a free trial of MindMaple to see these features (and more!) for yourself!

A full license typically costs $99.50, but MindMaple is offering a 50% rebate for Life Your Way readers! Simply place your order by 2/17 (which gives you almost a whole month to try it before purchasing) and then forward your order confirmation to [email protected], referencing coupon code LIFEYOURWAY in your email, and they will refund 50% of your payment!

Do you use mind mapping to brainstorm or organize your thoughts?

MindMaple offered me a license in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are 100% mine, and I really do use this program for my brainstorming and planning!