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Mobile Apps for Thanksgiving Day

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Thanksgiving apps
source: ckroberts61

Growing up, I could never understand why my parents hosted Thankgiving at our house. Every Thanksgiving morning I would come into the kitchen wanting breakfast and the first thing they would say was, “We didn’t cook because we will be having a big dinner.”

I would scramble to make myself a bowl of cereal while watching my parents run from one end of the kitchen getting the days food together. Every year was the same thing: everything would be out of place, someone would always run out of something and someone else would have to scramble to the store before it closed for the day. Then there was the cleaning, the part I hated most.  It is such a hectic day: the cleaning, the cooking, the yelling, the nagging and then finally the eating.

Now that I’m old enough to host my own Thanksgiving, I have collected a few things in my arsenal to prepare and entertain even the smallest guests:

Apps to keep little ones entertained

  • Dot Connect! Thanksgiving ($0.99) – help your little one learn numbers and celebrate Thanksgiving in a fun and colorful way.
  • Thanksgiving Day ($0.99) – an encyclopedia of information about Thanksgiving day perfect for those curious preteens.
  • Thanksgiving It! (FREE) – play with your pictures by decorating them with Thanksgiving themed props.

Apps to help prepare your Thanksgiving feast

  • Fine Cooking: Cooking for the Holidays ($1.99) – packed with festive recipes from the perfect turkey to a do-ahead party menu, you are sure to find everything you need.
  • Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and Garden ($3.99) – Get the best unforgettable recipes for planning your healthy feast.

Apps to pass time

  • Thanksgiving Crafts ($2.99) – Designed for both the iPad and iPhone, this app offers fabulous crafts to keep kids and adults busy while dinner is being prepared
  • Game Center 2010 (FREE) – For those sports fans out there who don’t want to miss any minute of the game, this app records Highlights, Live Scoreboards play by plays and much more. Though I wouldn’t recommend checking out the game at the dinner table.

Do you have another must-have Thanksgiving app to add to the list?

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