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Modern Ideas to Use Large Horizontal Frameless Wall Mirror for Your Bathroom to Look Elegant

Do you think you need to enhance the look of your bathroom? There may be a few things you could do to improve the quality and appearance – one of those things is to install a frameless wall mirror. It sounds cliché, but it is said that the way you take care of your bathroom speaks a lot about you; therefore, you should do things better. 

There are various modern ideas to make sure your bathroom has that elegant look it deserves. However, the horizontal frameless wall mirror tops them all. Also, you shouldn’t be thinking about any horizontal wall mirror; you should consider a large one. Below is a list of things you should thoroughly consider in your decision-making. 

Why Install Large Horizontal Frameless Wall Mirror Instead of Smaller One? 

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Frameless wall mirror gives a modern touch to your room décor; however, elegance is all about height and magnificence in the room. Therefore, if you want to go for an elegant look, then you need to stop thinking so little because smaller horizontal mirrors will do nothing but ridicule the style. Most of the square mirrors used are rectangular, and they need an ideal amount of space. This ensures they can beautifully reflect across the room – something smaller ones won’t do. 

Also, the entire room’s enhanced visibility is another reason why should large wall mirrors be installed instead of smaller ones. You most likely need something that would give you magnified imaging of the bathroom, and what better choice than to have something capable and extensive. Hopefully, the difference in imaging will convince you to choose rightly. 

Ideal for Large Bathrooms Used in the Offices or Hotels 

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Peradventure, you have a large bathroom in your office, or you own a hotel with a large one, you need to pay serious attention to the kind of features you will be adding. Sometimes, all it takes is a bad feature to ruin a business’s reputation; therefore, you should choose wisely on bathroom installations. One of these bathroom installations is the wall mirror. It may be perceived as inconsequential, but people who are intentional about features may give your company or hotel a bad review. 

Often, most people want to be able to see themselves thoroughly after using the bathroom. Unfortunately, smaller mirrors cannot do the job – you need a larger one. For this reason, you should consider installing frameless wall mirrors because they are an ideal choice for large bathrooms. Not only will they improve the room’s style, but also make sure people get to feel good about themselves.

There are several wall-mirrors you can decide to use. However, the most significant one to use for your office bathroom is the 36″ X 48″ Inch Rectangle 1″ Beveled Polish Frameless Wall Mirror with Hooks. This horizontal mirror is safe and heavily protected against damage. The specifications of this mirror go thus: 

  • Thickness: ¼ inch or 6mm – which is thick enough to withstand pressure from the wall 
  • Dimension: 36 x 48 x ¼ inch. 
  • Strength: Vinyl Coating Backing 
  • Placement: Horizontal and Vertical 

Overall, this rectangular mirror is easy to install DIY and can be used further in the living room, kitchen, etc. 

Large Frameless LED Wall Mirror 

Mirror with light
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Another type of frameless wall mirror that will give your room an advanced, futuristic look is the LED mirror. The LED frameless wall mirrors are the perfect choice for contemporary interiors, as they evenly distribute light to improve the room’s appearance. Also, they are clean and clear, that you don’t have to be worried about whether they are affected by condensation or not. With their built-in LED lightning that lasts for as long as 50,000 hours, they deliver excellent eye visibility and somewhat a soft style for the frame. 

A large frameless LED Wall Mirror rivals most wall-mounted makeup mirrors known because they can improve your bathroom’s theme. Below is a list of features you may also find in this particular type of mirror. 

  • Thickness: ½ inch
  • Dimension: 23 x 31 x ½ inches
  • Invisible Rubber Trims 
  • Waterproof Design 
  • Polished Edge Mirror 
  • On/Off Button for LED light
  • Energy-saving White LED Light

Indeed, it is a decorative mirror that is worth considering for modern style.


Usually, most people love when they have control over their space, which involves maintaining an excellent bathroom appearance. With the few modern ideas on using large horizontal frameless wall mirrors and LED wall mirrors to enhance a better style for your bathroom, elegance is guaranteed. Lastly, ensure you go for the right brand and perfect dimension for mirrors when shopping for what to use. 

Featured Photo by Вахтбович Максим from Pexels