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Mommy Bloggers – With Babies In Their Arms And A Laptop

Motherhood online is a new successful trend in the world of bloggers. This happened because young creative mothers begin soul searching precisely on maternity leave. Alternatively, they begin to maintain their blogs. They have something to say. In this age of the Internet, each of us is a writer. Content is available from the moment of publication. The response to good content is lightning. Becoming a successful mom online is not so difficult if she has talent, and people like the way she writes. Social networks, along with a personal blog, make motherhood online a prevalent trend.

 I am married, but I do not have children yet. I am about to become a mom soon, and for now, I like reading blogs of young women who have become mothers. These blogs are about universal light feelings such as love, sincerity, and kindness. Some notes about maternity life after reading them leave a smile on a face. Of course, there is a flip side of the coin. Things are trying for a woman who has become a mother. After all, there are more responsibilities and much less time to fulfill them.

I like them for sincerity. Every mom blogger establishes the framework by herself when she stops talking. But at the same time, the text remains very sincere. This feeling is not enough in today’s media landscape. Bright maternal blogs are becoming a pure source of sincerity. They become a daily inspiration and incentive for looking at life from a different perspective. 

Then goes mood.

The reader will always want to return to bright, humorous content. To the content that being a mom is not easy, but this is not the end of the world. It can be fun. Mothers often write that they no longer remember their life without children, and it seems to them that they were bored before they had kids. On the other hand, your weak moment will not scare a regular reader away.

They are thematic.

It is better to write about different things. Not about motherhood only, but also about the interests of a young mother as a person. Thus, the circle of readers will become more extensive. Such a blog will be an example of the fact that combining motherhood and own development is difficult, but possible. This example is essential for young mothers. For others, this will be the story of how to do more.

In recent years, mothers have become stars in the area of blogging. Not some famous singers or actresses but mothers who tell about their life on the pages of their blogs. They manage to bring up more than one child, to do business, to write books, and to do fitness. People take advice from them, note their lifehacks, they are copypasted and striven to exceed. They have millions of followers and shine like diamonds, shine with happiness, which is more precious than any gemstone. 


Today’s image of a mother is not a tired housewife at all, but a successful, stylish woman for whom children are a source of inspiration and an incentive to move forward. I find inspiration in the following:

Rebecca Woolf

Rebecca Woolf, a mom of four children and a vegetarian. She lives in Los Angeles and maintains a blog filled with amazingly beautiful photos. You can see children, landscapes, and ordinary people passing by in her blog. The website has several sections:

  • “Stories from life”;
  • “About me”;
  • “About healthy food”;
  • “Style”;
  • “About everything.”

An unexpected pregnancy, a passion for rock music, and a rebellious spirit are all reflected in Rebecca’s posts. Photographs published videos, and drawings evidence this. Rebecca managed to prove herself in the field of writing: she published the book “Rockabye: From Wild to Child,” which was based on the entries from her blog. She also writes for the well-known Internet portal MSN, the American online magazines, SMITH magazine, and the news website The Huffington Post. This mother, like others, learned to earn money on publications, placing advertising banners and articles with advertising. But this became possible only after a lot of time. She has been blogging since 2005, and, like everyone else, she started from scratch. Today she continues to do what she loves, making good money on it. In many articles, Rebecca thanks her friends for the materials for the posts. She writes about the events in the lives of friends and relatives. In the blog, she sends greetings, thanks to the sponsors. And all this was written in her unique style, with thoughts, appeals to relatives, touching memories.

Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson’s writing style is extraordinary. She calls everything by their proper names and does not skimp on eloquent epithets. This what makes Jenny differ from other bloggers. Her expressive manner is sometimes shocking. Blog articles are tons of humor and sarcasm. She often describes the situations in which she falls. She selects exciting illustrations for the articles. As she developed, her blog was replenished with an online t-shirt store This extravagant mother, like Rebecca Woolf, managed to publish the book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which is riddled with memories, cynicism, and humor, bordering on absurdity. 

Catherine Connors

Catherine Connors’s blog is dedicated to the protection and treatment of children suffering from various diseases. There are stories about orphans, HIV-infected children, and those who suffer from hunger in Africa. Her articles are filled with sympathy and hope for a change for the better. In her blog, she addresses other serious topics such as abortion and child abuse. Catherine also publishes posts about kittens she is crazy about. All this is combined with advertising articles, for example, about tequila, where sponsors are mentioned directly. Catherine’s articles regularly appear on the pages of print media, she also speaks at meetings, supports charitable foundations, writes for other women’s blogs, and advocates for children. There are a lot of thoughts and questions in her articles. Sometimes a post is a selected photo with a comment. Everything is brief and at the same time, catches with frankness and seriousness. 

Heather B. Armstrong – Dooce

Heather B. Armstrong – Dooce is a nature lover who often writes about cases of cruelty to animals, makes beautiful photos of dogs, cats, and fish. Also, articles about her two daughters and travel reports regularly appear on the blog. There are many mini-posts with one photo and a little history to it. There are more great ones dedicated to design in every aspect of it, from clothing to interiors. Such articles are often supplemented by Twitter messages from other users. Her style is nothing superfluous, only briefly about the important. The blog has additional sections:

  • “Photo of the day”;
  • “Smile of the day”;
  • “The style of the day.”

For each of these sections, original photos with comments are selected – small stories about how the picture was taken. Heather has her online store on the blog where you can buy her book “Dear Daughter: The Best of the Dear Leta Letters,” T-shirts with her nickname Dooce and a calendar with photos of dogs.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a happy mother and a freelance writer who is currently writing articles for free reviews and has her grateful audience. She keeps on working on her inner and professional development and dreams a dream to write a book, which would become a bestseller. Melisa has always wanted to be a writer inspired by representatives of the world’s classic literature. She knew that the day would come just like she knew she would have a family one day. She is persistent and curious by nature, which helped her to achieve what she has got.