Morning Glory Muffins Made Even Healthier

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morning glory muffins

One of our family’s favorite breakfast recipes is morning glory muffins. These are yummy straight from the oven, as leftovers or even frozen and then defrosted. I’m sharing the recipe over on the Plan to Eat blog today:

Full of apples, carrots, coconut and raisins, morning glory muffins have been one of our family’s favorite breakfast recipes for years. Just recently, though, I decided to see how I could make this healthy muffin even healthier, and we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

We replaced white flour with whole wheat, sugar with turbinado and oil with coconut oil. Then we were so anxious to eat them that we cooked the muffins in a mini muffin tin so they’d cook faster! YUM!

Get the full recipe on the Plan to Eat blog…