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Motivational Quotes Printable & Desktop Background


When you’re pursuing a goal or dream or working to make your vision a reality, it’s easy to get discouraged, especially if you focus on the day-to-day challenges and failures rather than the big picture.

When you are discouraged, life is difficult, or your facing a challenging day, reading motivation quotes or scripture verses will give you the motivation to keep going. You will have a jump start to meet the challenges of the day. There are many Psalms in the Bible that will lift you up. Maybe a Reader’s Digest joke is what you need to put a smile on your face.

A quote can act as an aid to help you focus. We all need a little encouragement at one time or another. Motivational or inspirational quotes can provide the encouragement that we need to keep going.  One of my favorite places to go for motivational quotes is Brainy Quote.  They have hundreds of quotes from famous and not-so-famous people. You can search for quotes by author or topic. There is even a quote of the day. They have put many of the quotes with a graphic. They also have quotes from people currently in the news. Check out the funny topic and get a smile on your face today.

I created this printable/desktop background with some of my favorite quotes and phrases to encourage you to keep pursuing your dream, whatever it may be! Few people become overnight successes, but we all have the potential for greatness if we’re willing to work hard and persevere.

Download the free motivational quote image. Print the size you want. The links are below. Place it in a frame according to the size you selected. Place the frame on your desk or wall.

Download the files here:


Featured Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay