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Moving to a New City? Read These Tips to Make the Transition Smoother for the Dog

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Pets are like our family members, which means when you move from one city to another, you would want the pet to move along with you. Most dogs are not that fussy about moving, as they really are more focused on staying around their family and not that fussy about the place. But still, moving to a new home is always an adjustment, which is why we have listed a few tips that will make the transition for the dog smoother.

1. Allow Your Dog Time to Get Familiar with Moving Supplies:

Scattering the entire house with moving supplies just a day before packing will make the dog anxious. It needs to get used to these boxes. Dogs are always scared of new things around; hence, to make them comfortable, get packing material at least a week before and place them in the corner of a room to get your dog used to seeing them. Also, do not give your dog complete access to the packing material, or they will make a mess in the house. Get to know more about dogs and how to help them be less anxious from We Love Doodles.

2. Leave Your Dog with a Friend While Packing:

When you clear the home and pack things, it will only create a hindrance if your dog is around. Also, your dog may get anxious seeing you packing all the items. If you have a family friend around, then leave the dog in their home for a day to finish the packing.

2. Let Your Dog Say Goodbye to Its Friends:

Your dog must have made a few friends nearby. There is a high possibility that they will never meet again when you move away. Hence, ensure that you allow your dog to say goodbye to all its friends. This is not only good for your dog but your neighbor’s kid, who may be attached to the dog. Give them the chance to meet your dog one last time.

3. Take Your Dog to All Its Favorite Spots:

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If your dog enjoys visiting a few spots in the town, take your dog to those places before you leave the city. Moving is challenging for the dog as it is the only place they have ever known till now. Hence, make the best memories in its favorite places before heading to the new location.

4. Pack Your Dog’s Favorite Room at Last:

If your dog loves a particular room, do not pack it until you have finished the other rooms. This will let your dog rest comfortably away from the hustle and bustle. The whole house may look messy and chaotic; hence, let one room be untouched till the end for your dog to stay calm.

5. Do Your Best to Keep the Home Look Normal:

Once you start packing, the house will look chaotic, and there is nothing much you can do about it. Try to keep the mess under control as much as possible so that it looks a little normal. Throw the trash away after you finish packing for the day. Organize boxes and cleaning supplies at the end of the day. Your home will not just look clean, but it will avoid any accidents for the curious dog.

6. Prepare for the Trip:

Plan how you will travel with your dog to the new place. Is it going to be by an international flight or a road trip? Whatever route you choose, plan and prepare for it beforehand to smooth the moving for the pet. If it is by air, purchase a safe and sound quality crate to make the pet comfortable throughout the journey. If traveling by car, then take short breaks in between for the dog to stretch and relieve itself throughout the journey.

7. Make Your Dog Used to Its New Home:

When you move to the new home, you also have to unpack, which is a big task. Restrict your dog’s access to areas that you will unpack to avoid accidents.

8. Keep Up Regular Routines and Schedules:

Moving is a challenging task that may disrupt your schedule for sure. This does not mean you should disrupt your dog’s schedule. Dogs are sensitive toward their daily routine; hence, try to maintain the same one as possible. Do not get lax about their walks or playtime. If needed, you can keep your dog in a daycare to be taken care of if you get busy. The feeding schedule also needs to be the same, and the feeding area should not change, or your dog may lose its appetite. Do not forget to refill your dog’s bowl the entire day.

9. Set up a New Comfortable Space for Your Dog:

A space for the dog is essential to be set up, which is the dog’s corner in the house. Decide beforehand about the space and do not change it in the future. If your dog seems to be resting in a different space, then consider shifting the dog’s bed to that spot instead. Place familiar dog bed and rugs in the space. Do not wash this before use, as the familiar smells will comfort the dog.

10. Keep Familiar Furniture:

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Just because it is a new house does not mean you dispose of all your furniture. It is a new home; hence, you may have to get rid of a few furniture pieces but do keep the ones your dog used to rest on most days. Everything new may be uncomfortable for your dog to adjust to. Holding back a few furniture pieces till your dog likes the new place is a minimal adjustment you will have to make for your fur baby to get used to the new setup.

The Bottom Line:

Moving is emotionally challenging for us humans, even though we choose to move. Imagine the ordeal of the pet who has no choice but to move along with you. Dogs are attached to people more than the place, but their home is their comfort zone, and when that changes, your dog may behave differently for a few days. Give it some time and do not make abrupt changes, and your pet will get used to the new place and love it as much as it loved the old space, mainly because its favorite human resides in it.

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