My most important goal for 2015

Setting and reviewing goals for 2015

As I was thinking about my enthusiasm for things like eating healthy, exercising regularly, reading a variety of books and being more intentional about family time as we kick off the new year, I realized that my most important goal for 2015 is one that I’ve neglected in the past: monthly evaluations.

In fact, this is the only measurable goal I’m setting.


Yep, despite popular advice—advice I’ve even given—on the importance of measurable, achievable goals, most of the goals on my list aren’t necessarily measurable. The idea of committing to family game nights once a week, for example, feels more like a chore than just practicing the art of suggesting them spontaneously, and the same can be said for exercising, reading aloud, etc. I know I’m not going to do them perfectly, and I don’t want them to turn into a source of guilt rather than joy, so I’m hesitant to attach measurable goals to the overall value.

But taking time to think about the kind of life I want to live is motivating, and I think setting a goal to evaluate how well I’ve practiced each of those values each month—and stoke my commitment to working toward them—will be incredibly motivating.

I’m not quite ready to commit to sharing that progress here each month because the last thing I want to do is regurgitate a boring post each month out of obligation, but I do think I’ll set aside a page in my new Choose Gratitude journal that Crystal sent me to spend some time reflecting on the successes and failures for each month.

I have a feeling that that practice will be more valuable in creating a life I love than all the SMART goals I could possibly imagine!

Do you set measurable goals for the New Year? Do you evaluate your progress monthly?

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  1. Yes, I totally relate. I value setting goals, but this year every time I pray and think about them, it feels more like creating chores and a checklist. Last year I learned a lot about my need for rest and freedom, so this year I’ve landed on some very simple goals that reflect those lessons. I think your goal of reflection sounds excellent!

  2. I make goals with actionable steps to reach them. I check monthly whether the goals are still valid and whether they need to be changed or new ones added. Then quarterly I check how I’m doing and where I need to tweak. I haven’t completed my full 2014 review but for the most part I met or exceeded a good portion if them! Checking in periodically definitely helps!

  3. Very interesting post.

    Sorry to tell that although I diligently read you for a some months now, this is the first time I dare to comment.
    Because, this definitely sparkled in my mind, thinking “woah, that’s exactly that : how to really focus on my commitment to try to make more time for family in a way that it does not look like being another chore on my list”.

    The point for me is that a month is a too large piece of time to evaluate, and I would prefer to shrike it to a weekly review in order to be able to improve myself.

    Thank you very much for the blog, it is really awesome, and I definitely like it.

    Have a nice day,

    PS : please forgive my writing, as English is not my primary language (and I know that some times, I have an awkward way of expressing myself for English-language native people.

  4. I totally get you with this. As a teacher I encourage my students to reflect, reflect, reflect… set goals, set goals, set goals. It is amazing how, in so many aspects of our lives, we need to look at what we have done and where we have been, before we decide what we will do and where we will go to next. I love your blog. Thank you.

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