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Need To know all Mothers about En Caul Births

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The term ‘born with a caul’ means when a baby is born with a part of amniotic sac on the head. Sometimes, the sac remains on the head. Caul is a piece of membrane that covers the face and the head of a person. When the baby is born wholly within the amniotic sac, then it is called as entail. This condition is also known as a baby born with a veil on the face.

Sac and baby

During the period of gestation, the sac breaks away and it is fixed to the head of the baby. Most of the people across the world consider this condition a lucky sign. Some of the famous personalities across the world are born with this condition.

Sac and baby development

It does not affect the overall development of the baby. It is a type of membrane that covers the face and head of the baby. This sac is usually immediately removed after the childbirth. The body contains two caul membranes and the calls can appear in four different ways. It is a thin layer that contains translucent lining in the amnion. This is easily removed by the physician by slipping from the skin of the child. But the doctors cannot easily remove the thicker membrane. If the sac is tough or harder, then the physician removes it by making a small incision. It is placed across the nostrils of the child so that the child can breathe it easily. Some of the famous people born with a caul are Lord Bryon, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Sigmund Freud, etc

It can also be gently rubbed with the with the sheet of paper and it is very carefully peeled off from the skin. This caul looks uglier but it does not affect any organ of the body. Sometimes, the caul covered by the baby is not made of amniotic sac. But the nurse who holds the baby should be careful so that it does not stick to the skin. This leaves a scar permanently, if the membrane is not easily removed.

Childbirth of caul

Such a type of childbirth is rare and out of 80,000 childbirths, one child is born is this way. It does not cause any harm to the body. This sac can be easily removed by the physician or the midwife also. This condition is safer for mom and baby. This sac does not rupture easily itself as the amniotic sac is fully intact.

Some people believe that people with amniotic sac are born with special abilities and have a special destiny. According to Bible, this sac is a fat momentum that covers the intestine. It is the inner membrane with higher vertebra.

Breaking the amniotic sac

The baby can also break the amniotic sac after birth. When the water begins draining away, the head of the baby is automatically pressurized on the sac. So, the head of the baby can become injured. But some women first begin their labour and the water is retained in the body. So, a woman can accelerate her labour without allowing the water to drain, the woman can develop amniotic sac.

How the sac provides protection to the baby?

After the birth, the amniotic sac in the body remains. The big parts of the membrane are being coated to the baby. This coating is known as caul. Then, the baby is pushed out of the placenta and out of the mother’s uterus. So, the placenta and the umbilical cord, amniotic sac and placenta are pushed out of the body after birth.

Usually, the oxygen is supplied to the baby through the placenta and the baby is pushed out of the womb. Then, the cord is cut and hence the placenta does not perform any vital function. In this way, the lungs take over. Then, the lungs consist of a fluid and it helps to mature.

The term encaul is different from the term of ‘caul processes. The baby born en caul is always sheltered. Such infants are born within the amniotic sac. This sac is like a shelter to them and the child remains in the sac that is broken, unbroken or comprises of a broken membrane. Even this condition can occur rarely and only 1 out of 80,000 children can get it. The amniotic sac is usually a bag containing fluid within the womb of the mother. The baby can develop in this sac. It is known as the membrane and this sac consists of two membranes and they are known as the chorion and amnion.

The doctors access this amniotic fluid leakage and when the water is drained, and then this fluid can leak from the vagina. Then, the doctors should access if the membranes are ruptured. Then, then perform PROM analysis and analyse the virginal secretions from the body. They analyse the secretions of the vagina and check if the amniotic fluid is present. So, this sac is always like a protection to the baby because rupturing is dangerous. The baby cannot survive if the membrane is ruptured. So, she should be careful that the membrane is not ruptured. So, she should try to retain the fluid if any chances of rupturing can occur.

If the sac is ruptured, then the woman can begin with pre-mature labour. The uterus remains to continue resting on the upper portion of the bladder. If the sac is not retained, then the baby cannot survive easily. So, amniotic sac is always considered as the sign of luck. It is like a shelter to the baby and the baby is always protected.

So, people often become superstitious with the caul baby. They believe that a special child with special abilities is born. In caul baby case, this amniotic sac is attached to the head of the baby or the face of the baby. It is thin filmy membrane and hence such persons are termed as ‘born with a veil’. This sac usually breaks away during the process of gestation or during the process of birth. It is fixed to the head of the baby. This sac is broken during the period of gestation. It is automatically attached to the head of the baby. The midwife can also easily remove the sac or it can be broken by the physician also. It is sometimes attached to the head of the baby and the skin of the baby’s skin should not be removed. Some people consider it as a lucky sign because such people can escape from drowning also. They believe that they can maintain this immunity unless, the sac is maintained. Some superstitious people state that if the caul is taken away, then the person can drown. According to the traditional belief, once a mother took away the caul of the young boy and this young boy immediately drowned after the caul was taken away by the mother. If the child has a cupbearer, then the child is also born with supernatural gifts also.

The amniotic fluid is always essential to the baby and if the woman does not develop amniotic fluids in the body, then the baby cannot survive. Such babies are usually born immature. Some of the babies cannot survive. The lungs of the baby do not develop without the fluid. The cord can easily get trapped. So, if amniotic sac is built for the baby, then the baby is always protected.

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