Nesting: Preparing for A New Baby, Part 1

source: mary_thompson
source: mary_thompson

Sometimes I think I live in a permanent state of nesting, always looking for ways to make our run more simply, be more organized and have less clutter. But then the real nesting kicks in, and I start noticing things in a kind of 4D vision that makes me want to clean and organize frantically despite the loud protest of my hips and back, and I realize there’s a difference between nesting and nesting, if you know what I mean.

We are officially counting down to our newest Baby Girl’s arrival. Although my due date is technically nine weeks away, my last two have both been two to three weeks early, and so we’re preparing for this one’s arrival in about six weeks. I figure I might have to wait a little bit longer, but at least I know everything will be ready if she shows up when we think she will!

I’ll wait to tackle most of the items on my to-do list until August (which seems to be approaching at the speed of light), but I also know that time flies these days, and getting things done ahead of time will make us all feel better as her due date approaches.

Here’s the list as it stands today:

1. Make princess hats and wands for the big sisters.
2. Stock freezer and pantry (this is a work in progress!).
3. Research tips and tricks for taking newborn photos.
4. Finish sewing second fleece crib sheet.
5. Move our youngest daughter to an upstairs bedroom.
6. Change the height of the crib back to newborn level.
7. Buy, paint and hang shelf and letters over crib.
8. Find and hang a curtain to serve as the door for the nursery (more on our converted nursery soon!).
9. Clean and set up the cradle, mobile, swing and bouncy seat.
10. Rearrange carseats and install the fourth.
11. Setup a TV in the guest room for my mom.
12. Pack hospital bag.
13. Pack activity bags for the girls for the hospital.

We washed, sorted and put away all of the clothes and blankets while my grandma was visiting more than two months ago, so those are ready to go already.

What does preparing for a new baby look like in your home?