New 52 Organizing Missions iPad App

ipad-homeMichele from Get Organized Wizard has the gift of being able to break down any goal into bite-sized, manageable steps, and it’s no wonder that her 52 Organizing Missions program — which helps you organize your home and life in just 30 minutes a week — has been so successful.

As a company, Get Organized Wizard has always embraced technology to help their customers move from procrastination to action, and they’ve proven that again with their new 52 Organizing Missions iPad app, which is available for just $9.99. I’ve been resistant to the whole iPad movement, but this app is so pretty and packed full of good stuff that it almost makes me want to run out and get one just so I can play with it!

Here’s what Michele says about the app:

The 52 Organizing Missions take 30 minutes, once a week. Even for the busiest person, that’s achievable.

You tackle home organization, time management, family, productivity, closet, and personal organization. So over the course of the program, you organize your home, work and personal life.

And each mission is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Just read the simple instructions, set the timer, and you’ll be on your way. Easy peasy!

The 52 Organizing Missions program has already been proven with countless success stories, and the new application was rated the week’s best iPad app by Appolicious on the day it was released. I’m jealous of those of you who get to try 52 Organizing Missions iPad app, and I’d love to hear all about your favorite features!