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On authentic sponsored posts and which brand partnership has been my favorite

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In my 7 years of blogging, I’ve done quite a few sponsored posts and campaigns—from private collaborations like my work with Plant Therapy and King Arthur Flour during last year’s 101 Days of Christmas—to bigger campaigns through companies like TapInfluence, who helps connect bloggers with companies through online media kits, simplified assignments, and a dedicated support staff.

If I had to choose just one campaign that has been my all-time favorite, though, it would have to be my work as a Boba Ambassador. (Although I have to admit that working with Plant Therapy and King Arthur Flour would be close competition!)

The reason it is my favorite—and this goes for all three of those campaigns, really—is simple: It’s not that they paid the most or offered the most benefit to my blog, but simply that I love each of these companies.

I love their business philosophies, their products, and the people who make up their teams, which makes working with them a privilege and a pleasure.

Boba stands out as my all-time favorite because I use their products so much in my personal life. Although I’ve been baby-wearing since our oldest was born 11 years ago, the Boba Wrap we bought just before he was born was our very favorite way to carry Jackson when he was a tiny baby, and as he grew, the Boba Carrier became our every day, several times a day, carrier of choice.

These days he doesn’t need to be carried for comfort, but the girls still slip on the carrier several times a week to take him outside on a walk, and there’s pretty much nothing better than watching them baby wear!

We’re looking forward to pulling out our old wraps again as we prepare to welcome baby Lucas, and I’ve got my Boba Vest washed and ready for days on the ski hill (not for skiing with him, of course; just for braving the cold!).

Boba’s products are high quality and more affordable than other wraps and carriers (and while they’re not cheap, they are worth every penny!). And because we use them so much, it’s easy to share my experience and highlight the products and features I love, which is a win-win for me as a blogger and Boba as a brand!

While I don’t limit sponsored posts here on the blog to only my very favorite companies (because honestly, I think there are brands and campaigns and products that will benefit you as readers even if I’m not quite as excited about them as I am about Boba) brand collaborations like this one—where there is a natural fit, an authentic story, and a real connection with the brand—are the very best.

They’ll always be my favorites, and if you’re a blogger, you’ll know when you find one of those brands because you’ll be happy to talk about it with or without payment!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of TapInfluence, the leader in connecting influencers with opportunities to collaborate with brands.