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On buying expensive pants and figuring out how to wear them

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Fighting the frump is an ongoing goal for me. I’ve never been particularly fashionable {unlike my very fashionable mom and sister}, and I’ve had to make extra effort since becoming a mom to do things like wear earrings, step outside of my comfort zone with clothes, etc.

But as a work-at-home, homeschooling mom, fighting the frump is an almost daily battle. There are weeks when I pretty much live in sweats, and while I will defend my right to do so to the death (heh!), the truth is it does affect the way I feel about myself. But in order to break that habit, I have to have clothes in my closet that are comfortable and cute.

Which is why I love Stitch Fix and having someone else select clothes for me, forcing me to step out of my sweats and try new things. {I have the feeling that the people who don’t love it already have strong senses of style and don’t really want someone else picking out their clothes!}.

Because Stitch Fix items range from $45 – $100+ {before the 25% discount for keeping everything in your box}, I have a simple rule for myself: I must be able to put together 3-4 outfits with each item before I decide to keep it; otherwise I run the risk of letting an expensive item just sit in the closet. This rule is also helping me choose versatile items as part of my capsule wardrobe.

Recently I’ve been updating my pants collection with pants that fit my post-6th-baby body and don’t fall off my bum when I bend over.

I’ve gotten two pairs of  Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans—one regular, one distressed—as well as a pair of coveted coral printed Emers.

I love the versatility of both the jeans and the printed pants for dressing up or down, as you’ll see below. And thanks to Kelly Snyder’s Adore Your Wardrobe course—which will open up for new registrations again in May—I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of dressing my body type and putting together outfits according to the rule of four. {Sign up here to be notified when the course reopens; you won’t regret it!}

Here are a few of those outfits…

Stitch Fix boyfriend jeans styled 4 ways ( 

1 | olive tee (hand-me-down from my sister, Express), Kut from the Kloth Maribel jeans (Stitch Fix), owl necklace (Old Navy), beaded bracelet (unsure), silver/gold flip flops (hand-me-down, Gap)

2 | Fun2Fun Alfredo Crew Neck Blouse (Stitch Fix), Kut from the Kloth Maribel jeans (Stitch Fix), gray cultured pearl necklace (unknown), Word of the Year Bracelet (Lisa Leonard), Greystone flats (Tieks)

3 | red & blue plaid shirt (hand-me-down, American Eagle), Kut from the Kloth Maribel jeans (Stitch Fix), Word of the Year Bracelet (Lisa Leonard), red flats (Toms)

4 |Market & Spruce Kristah Ruffle knit blazer (Stitch Fix), blue striped tee (Target), Kut from the Kloth Maribel jeans (Stitch Fix), silver bangle bracelets (unknown), Greystone flats (Tieks)

I’d really like to get a pair of cute plain white tennis shoes to wear with these jeans as well, but I haven’t been able to find quite what I’m looking for!

Stitch Fix exclusive: Coral Print Emers (

1 | Fate Gradon Sheer Raglan Seam sweater (Stitch Fix), Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble necklace (Stitch Fix), coral printed Emers (Stitch Fix), Greystone flats (Tieks)

2 | blue v-neck tee (Target), Word of the Year bracelet (Lisa Leonard), coral printed Emers (Stitch Fix), silver/gold flip flops (hand-me-down, Gap)

3 | Market & Spruce Kristah Ruffle knit blazer (Stitch Fix), white lace tank (Target),Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble necklace (Stitch Fix), coral printed Emers (Stitch Fix), Greystone flats (Tieks)

Stitch Fix boyfriend jeans styled 4 ways (

By far, this outfit is the surprise winner. I hadn’t even thought of this one until I was in the middle of taking these pictures and decided to try the blazer over this striped tee from Target, but I love the way it came together and plan to wear this when I speak at Winsome this weekend!

The blazer is another Stitch Fix item (of course!), and one that I was on the fence about keeping since I do live in sweats so much, but I’m so glad I kept it because I love everything about it—the flare at the waist, the ruffles in the back, and the soft cotton material!

If you’re living in sweats or struggling to find your style, I highly recommend giving Stitch Fix a try. And don’t forget to register for news about the upcoming Adore Your Wardrobe course!

This post contains affiliate links, but I’m an enthusiastic fan of both Stitch Fix and Adore Your Wardrobe! 🙂