On Buying New Underwear…and Making Time for Your Art

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On buying new underwear…and making time for your art
source: shira gal

It’s always a privilege to guest post at Simple Mom, and this week I’m sharing my thoughts about moms and our reluctance and guilt when it comes to taking care of ourselves:

I feel guilty every time I buy new underwear.

Yep, as ridiculous as it may be, I find myself feeling like I shouldn’t spend $25 on a new pack of underwear as long as the old ones have at least a tiny bit of elasticity left in them and no gaping holes.

But when my kids need new underwear? I buy it without a second thought.

I think this is a pretty common scenario for moms.

Maybe we’re not all walking around in old underwear (and for the record, despite the guilt associated, I’m not either!), but many of us have this built-in guilt complex that leads to us taking care of everybody’s needs and often neglecting our own.

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