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On making plans, embracing surprises and having SIX kids

I'm going to be a big brother

So…never in a million years did I dream we’d be making this announcement.

We felt done (D-O-N-E) after Jackson’s birth, and while I still oohed and ahhed over other people’s newborn babies, I was pretty much okay with no more of my own.

However, after some weird symptoms and a late period, I picked up a pregnancy test over the weekend, fully expecting it to be negative. (I am one of those people who has taken hundreds of pregnancy tests, and they’re negative more often than not.) As the line appeared, my mind was racing: “You always think there’s a line; it’s just the shadow. No, there’s really a line. Wait…what?!”

We feel a little blindsided because this was so unexpected…how will we handle six kids? On the other hand, I’m happy that Jack will have a buddy (girl or boy!) to play with as he gets older, since the girls are all so close in age and there’s a fairly big gap between them and him.

And here’s the thing: This may be a byproduct of having had four miscarriages, but I know all too well that there’s no guarantee that this baby will live, and while we are shocked and overwhelmed, it’s not a blessing that we take lightly. We’re excited too!

We told the girls right away, and they’re over the moon. We’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about names and car seat configurations and a million other details already. (This may be further proof of my type A-ness—the sooner I can control the situation, the better!).

It’s still really early (5.5 weeks or so), but I have never been very good at keeping my pregnancies secret. I want to celebrate this little person, tiny as they may be, and if—God forbid—I do miscarry, I don’t want to carry that weight by myself because I haven’t shared my pregnancy.

So, yes, you may be hearing a little more about pregnancy and babies and embracing what life throws at you in the coming months…and hopefully 8 months from now we’ll be blowing up Facebook and Instagram with hundreds of baby pictures once again!