One Word for 2013: True

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One Word 2013: True
source: David Jones

Although I’m a fan of resolutions and goal setting in general, I also love the idea behind the One Word 365 movement — choosing just one word to represent your vision for the year.

Last year, my word was authenticity. I wanted to learn to be more authentic in relationships, in online interactions and here on the blog. And I think I did it too! I’m not nearly afraid of letting people see the “real” me as I used to be. And I’ve learned to authentically interact with readers and colleagues instead of those feeling forced like they had in the past.

This year, my word is true. Not true as in truth, but true as in “reliable, unfailing, or sure”. It’s really just a prettier word for consistent, which is the word that kept popping into my mind originally. I’d like to be more true or consistent in every area of my life:

  • In my moods from day to day (or, you know, minute to minute!).
  • In my wakeup time.
  • In our school routine.
  • In maintaining schedules and routines for the long-term.
  • In our eating habits.
  • In my exercise routine (my goal is to ride our recumbent bike 1000 miles this year!).
  • In pursuing various green changes (limiting the amount of trash we produce, making homemade toiletries, etc.).

Basically I want to be true (reliable, unfailing, or sure) in doing what I say I’m going to do.

I love the idea of getting (or making) a little token to remind you of your word for the year, something like this word of the year necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs, this leather wrap bracelet or this wooden sign.

Have you chosen one word for 2013?