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Organize Your Blog with Wunderlist

The following post is from James of Google+ Tutorials:

Recently, I have been thinking about the trials and tribulations that we, as bloggers, can face. On the outside blogging can often look extremely glamorous, but when you scratch the surface you can find that it can be tough to be a consistently quality blogger.

Over the years I have picked up and started using various tools which help my life as a blogger to run so much more smoothly. I now want to share some of these tools with you. Today I want to talk to you about a little app that has had significant impact on my workflow, Wunderlist.

What is Wunderlist?

Wunderlist is the most awesome task management app ever. It literally helps me organize every part of my life, not least my blogging.

I use it to make shopping lists, keep track of what is in the fridge, keep a bucket list, make wish-lists, oh yeh…and I use it for work (most importantly blogging) too!

It allows you to keep an unlimited amount of lists where each item can be given a deadline date, have notes written about it, and you can even share each list with other people (for example I share my shopping list with my wife, and my blogging lists with my business partner). Wunderlist has an app for almost every platform including: a web app, PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Pretty cool right?

How will it help me?

That depends on your workflow and how you like to do things. For me I have various lists to do with my blogging work:

  • A daily to-do list
  • A list of the next blog posts I am going to be writing
  • A list of blog post ideas
I also keep lists for every other aspect of my life, most importantly the shopping (which is a shared list between me and my wife, so that we always have the latest version of the list – very cool). You too may find this helpful!
Wunderlist is a fantastic tool, and I am finding it hard to put across in words how powerful it is. The guys who made it really thought about what people need in terms of features for the app, and it is just perfect for the needs of a blogger who want’s to get everything in order.

How do I get the app?

Well, as I said before, it is available on various platforms. So, the best thing to do is visit the Wunderlist website to get set up with an account. From there, it will direct you as to where to get the app, depending on which device you are looking to install it onto!

Is Wunderlist something that you have heard of before? Is it something that you can see using as part as your ongoing blogging workflow? Let me know in the comments below!

James Brooks is a professional blogger and social media consultant based on the South West coast of England. As well as being a co-founder of Google+ Tutorials James also enjoys blogging about tea, food, and technology.