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Organize Your Office with the DYMO LabelManager 260P

source: Peter Lindberg

Everybody knows that an organizer’s best friend is her labeler, but these handy little gadgets aren’t just useful at home. Use a labeler to organize your office so that everyone can be more productive and organized:

1. Label the folders you keep in your desktop organizer for quick access. Depending on your work, you might label them by category, project, people or urgency.

2. Rather than handwriting or trying to print labels, simply label the files in your file cabinet with your label maker. As a bonus, they’re easy to peel off and replace as needed!

3. Label the tabs in various binders and notebooks. Create procedural notebooks and reference guides for your office this way.

4. Use your labeler to identify the contents of various file cabinets. You might us alphabetical references (A-E, F-L, etc.), dates or project statuses.

5. Label the shelves, drawers and boxes in your supply room so that everyone knows where certain supplies are kept.

6. Be sure to label office tools (hole punches, scissors, letter openers, etc.) with their owner and/or location so that they don’t mysteriously disappear!

7. Label paint cans by room and/or color for easy reference.

8. Make office-wide forms more accessible by labeling individual folders or slots.

9. Create labels for a mailbox slots in a workroom so that the space looks neater than with handwritten labels.

10. Use labels to identify computer towers, keyboards and other hardware to make sure it’s always returned to the proper location after maintenance.

11. Create notices or instructions with your labeler, i.e. “Please do not turn off this light switch.”

12. Label books and manuals to be sure they’re returned to the proper place.

13. Create “flags” for computer wires and cords.

Dymo LabelManager 260PDYMO sent me one of their handy LabelManager 260P’s to try and I think it’s probably the lightest, easiest-to-hold labeler I’ve ever used! While I love using my labeler to take control of my personal space, I think the benefits are even greater in an office where multiple people are using the same supplies, tools and files and keeping them organized makes it easier for everyone to be more productive!

How do you use a labeler to get organized?