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Organizing Design Ideas

The following post is from Lindsey M. Roberts, a design & décor writer:

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When you set out to decorate a room of your house, or to try to define your design style, it’s best to search for a lot of photos, mark what you like, and then note the similarities.

The problem is, once you start looking for inspiration for your home’s design, you’ll see it everywhere. Soon, you’re deluged in magazine clippings, blog links to remember, and piles of design books.

How can you keep it all organized?

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Save your online ideas to Pinterest.

My favorite way to collect inspiration right now is to clip all images and ideas that I find online to “boards” on Pinterest. I have a board for each room in the house.

Once you put the “Pin It” button on your Internet browser, you can just grab the photos you like when you see them. And then when you have a board of ideas, clicking on the pictures will take you back to the site. Easy and useful.

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Make wishlists on Wishpot.

Once I have inspiration for a room, and I’m winnowing down what I want to buy, I start saving product ideas to my Wishpot account. That way I can see the price for each item and prioritize them into different lists.

It’s a similar idea to Pinterest, but this way you can narrow down what you want to spend on without having to delete your ideas. This also helps me save money, because I can see and remember what I want to buy and then save up for each item. Plus, Wishpot lets me know when items go on sale.

Clip magazine pages and file away.

This is great if you have a home-design-magazine addiction like I do! I want to keep subscribing to my favorite home-design magazines, but I don’t need to keep years’ worth of House Beautiful. (And I don’t have room!)

Tear out the pages and save them into your filing system, if you have one, or create a binder with dividers and sheet protectors for future projects.

Winnow design books down to your favorites.

If you’re also a design-book junkie, it’s time to winnow down to your favorites. Then you can scan the pages you like into a file on your computer, or scan and print a copy for your paper organizing file.

Basically, I think that the more organized you are, the more likely you’ll be to get the style you want and to save money while doing it; if you get what you want the first time, and get the level of quality you want, you won’t have to do it over again anytime soon.

How do you organize your design ideas?

Lindsey M. Roberts has covered design, décor, and homes from Washington state to Washington, D.C., writing for publications such as Seattle Homes & Lifestyles, Apartment Therapy, The Washington Post, Preservation and Architect magazine.