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Organization for Multi-Site Posting + Free Printable

The following post is from Angela of Homegrown Mom: Organization for Multi-Site Posting + Free Printable

Over the last year, I have written regularly for 6 sites besides my own. Remembering the writer’s guidelines and posting guidelines for each site can be confusing.

I often found myself asking:

Is this the site that doesn’t use bullets? How wide are images supposed to be for this one? Do I need to link to myself at the bottom of the post, or do they do that for me?

I could never remember for sure, so I had to check the post guidelines or hunt down old emails to be positive.

Stop Wasting Time

I also spent a fair amount of time tracking down my different log-ins and passwords, guidelines, and dates due every time I sat down to write.

In addition to submitting posts, several sites have community forums or blogs just for their writers that contain updates, calendars, and more things to remember when posting.

That adds up to more log-ins, more passwords, and more time searching for proper procedures per site.

Get Organized

Organizing all of the multi-site posting information has streamlined my writing process and saved me buckets of time!

I have created a pdf for you to print out and fill in for each site you contribute to. The first page of the document has notes on each category to spark your memory of what you need to add. The second-page blank is for you to fill in.

Use this Free Organizer

Download and print the free writing & posting guidelines printable.

If you’d rather have all the info stored on your computer, simply take the template and create your own word document or spreadsheet. Then you can even hyperlink the document and be just a click away from all the info you need.

Do you contribute to any blogs besides your own?

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