Organizing School Papers

The following post is from Becky of Organizing Made Fun:

source: Organizing Made Fun

My two kids started school a couple of weeks ago! It’s exciting to start a new school year but with it comes a LOT of school papers. Over the years I’ve worked on ways to overcome this source of “evil” in my home. Organizing the important papers and throwing out the not-so-important papers is what keeps me sane.

First,  comes all kinds of papers from teachers for parents to sign and hang on to. Then, comes the endless amounts of  teacher expectation papers (this is mostly for my son, who’s in middle school with multiple teachers).

My daughter is in elementary school and mostly she gets papers weekly and monthly like the cafeteria menu, school calendar, weekly calendar, etc.  My son has multiple teachers and classes and activities, which means lots of different papers that need to be around but not necessarily seen!

I started a family binder to organize all the current activity papers and schedules that come through our door for everyone. It’s made life much easier. I have folders inside that are divided by school and activity with sheet protectors to hold the current paperwork. Oftentimes, when I can’t remember if I wrote it on the calendar, I grab the folder and thumb through it. For my son’s youth group, they send out a new calendar monthly, so it gets changed out each month. For my daughter’s school, the monthly calendars also. It makes life much easier now keeping it all in one place on my desk.

source: Organizing Made Fun

As far as other papers that come from school, my advice is to only hang on to anything that is vitally important for the school year. Otherwise, toss it. My son has to keep his middle school papers all year, so to conquer that issue we created a file for each subject in his desk where he can take it out of his binder and file it each week. At the end of the school year he can throw out all the papers. But, it’s out of sight and he’s learning how to file his own stuff! That makes this Momma proud!

Do you have any other ways to conquer school paper clutter?

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