Organizing Your Purse: A Step-by-Step Plan

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source: karen d
source: karen d

We’ve thought about the role and function purses play in our lives as well as looked at different products that make organizing your purse easier, but if your purse is currently a mess, what are some steps to not only clean it out, but actually get it organized so that it stays that way?

1. Start by dumping everything out of your purse.

That one’s obvious, right? But really, you need to see exactly what’s in there before you can even get started.

2. Now, set your purse aside and sort your contents into a few different piles.

Don’t throw anything away yet because you need to look at what’s in each pile first.  Sort the necessary, nice to have and unnecessary items and then the trash and all of the miscellaneous tiny things from the bottom.

3. Go ahead and put the necessary items back into your purse.

There’s not much to think about with them because you’ve deemed them necessary. Use the pockets or a small cosmetics bag to group and contain them.

One word of caution here: you may deem nail files a necessary item, but do you really need 23 of them? Pay attention to the quantities of even your necessary items, as they add bulk and weight to your purse!

4. Skip over the other piles and look through the trash pile.

Are these things that simply ended up in your purse because there was no trashcan around at the time? Could you make cleaning out the trash part of your routine whenever you get home from somewhere? Alternatively, could you add a small tin or bag to put the trash in while you’re out?

5. What about the miscellaneous doodads from the bottom of your purse?

Maybe it’s loose change, a few sticks of gum, a couple ponytail holders and barrettes or a lonely crayon. Did it end up at the bottom because you tossed it in while on the run or because you didn’t have anywhere else to put it? Could you add another small bag or case for some of these miscellaneous items?

6. Finally, look at the nice-to-have pile.

Are any of those items very heavy or bulky? Does the benefit of carrying them outweigh (no pun intended!) the drawbacks? Does your purse feel roomy and spacious at this point? Will adding those items back in make it feel cluttered and full again? Is it worth it? The answer may very well be yes, but you also may find that some of those items can be moved to the unnecessary pile or simply kept in your car rather than actually in your purse.

Keeping Your Purse Organized

We’ve talked in the past about organization as a lifestyle rather than an event. In many ways, a purse is a perfect illustration of this, a microcosm of sorts. No matter how organized your purse may be, the only way to keep it that way is to regularly clean it out.

The good news is that if you make emptying the trash and putting things back in their pockets or cases a regular part of your routine, it really only takes a minute or two. Having a place for everything and knowing which things are important to keep in there versus which ones are just taking up space is an important part of that process.

Have you cleaned out your purse lately? What was the strangest thing you found?