Organizing Your Way to a Simple Christmas: Decorating

source: DBR9007
source: DBR9007

Today is day eight in our two-week Christmas series: Organizing Your Way to a Simple Christmas.

Ideally, you should complete a Christmas decor inventory as you’re packing up your Christmas decorations, with a list of items that you’d like to buy for the next year so that you can begin scouring the after-Christmas sales when decor is marked down by 75 to 90%.

But if you didn’t do that (and I didn’t either!), then use the Christmas Decor Inventory printable to think through what you have and what you need to buy this year so that you’ll have everything you need when you begin to decorate. One year we pulled out our decorations and couldn’t find ornament hangers anywhere and had to wait several days to actually put our ornaments up (remember, we live in the boonies), and that was very disappointing!

As a side note, just because something is on the Decor Inventory list doesn’t mean that you need to buy it. We don’t have Christmas tableware, and I’m okay with that, but I wanted to include it for those of you who do.

Unpacking the Decorations

When it’s time to unpack your decorations, be sure to do it in a way that makes decorating now and packing up after Christmas easier.

  • We usually start by unpacking everything onto our counters (it used to be the floor, but 4 little ones have changed that!) so that we can see what we have before we start making decisions about how to decorate.
  • Fix or throw away any broken decorations.
  • Make notes about anything you need — or want — to buy.
  • Don’t be afraid to create a give away pile for decorations that you aren’t going to use. You may have a few sentimental pieces that you’re not using but want to keep, but try to keep those to a minimum. Use it or lose it.
  • Keep all of your packing paper — or in my case, plastic grocery bags — together in one place for packing up your decorations at the end of the season. Make a note of any additional packing materials you’ll need.

Taking a few extra minutes to organize things as you’re unpacking your decorations makes the dreaded task of packing them back up a little bit easier!

Today’s task: Fill out the Christmas Decor Inventory Printable to the best of your memory, making notes about anything you need to buy before you start decorating.

What is your favorite ornament or piece of decor? Do you have a collection or set that you add to each year?