Organizing Your Way to a Simple Christmas: Traditions

source: ginnerobot
source: ginnerobot

Today is day six in our two-week Christmas series: Organizing Your Way to a Simple Christmas.

Almost everyone has family traditions — for the everyday mundane things as well as holidays and special events — but have you ever taken the time to write down your Christmas traditions?

In the midst of a busy holiday season, it’s easy to lose our focus and forget about the things that are most important to us, but having a written list of traditions helps us remember what is really important and make the time for those things.

Other benefits of writing down your Christmas traditions:

Evaluate. You can evaluate each one as your family grows and matures over the years. Take the time to talk about which traditions are most important to each member of your family and consider scrapping any that just take a lot of time, effort or money but aren’t that meaningful.

Prioritize. The simple truth is that you can’t possibly incorporate every great idea you come across into your own family traditions. By writing down your current traditions and ones you might like to try in the future, you’re able to evaluate and prioritize them in light of each other.

Remember. I don’t know about you, but on more than one occasion I’ve gotten to the end of the holiday season only to realize I forgot an activity or tradition that I had planned on including. Having a written list prevents that from happening, especially if you update it after the holidays and throughout the year as you think of ideas.

Adapt. Your list of traditions can be a working document so that you can make notes about things that went great or went wrong and how you’d like to do them differently in the future.

Today’s task: Use the Christmas Family Traditions Printable to make a list of the traditions you’d like to include as part of your holiday celebrations. Do you need to purchase or prepare anything ahead of time? Be sure to update your budget and shopping list as needed!

What family traditions do you enjoy each Christmas? Are there any new ones you’d like to incorporate this year? I’ll share my answer in the comments, and I hope you will too!