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Our Homeschool System: Organizing & Planning

Today I wanted to take a few minutes to show you our homeschool system. This year we are using Classical Conversations with Sonlight Readers for our 6 and 4.5 year old, and our two younger girls will get Daddy time during school. Yes, I realize how ridiculously lucky I am to have that setup — no toddlers underfoot, woohoo!

First, here is our office/school room setup:

School RoomMy side of the office. Ignore the cord that needs to be tacked up under the desk — oops!

School RoomThe school side, with our toy/art/school cabinet and the girls desk.

School RoomInside the cabinet, magazine holders with the girls workbooks and other activity papers. We started out putting the workbooks in sheet protectors and doing them with dry erase markers, but we’ve decided just buy new workbooks each year moving forward.

School RoomOur book shelf. Our books are categorized by topic (which means Mommy puts them away for now!), and we hope to replace this shelf with a bigger, more substantial one down the road!

For those of you who like to know such things, along with the Classical Conversations program and Sonlight K & PreK read-alouds, we’ll also be using:

  • Explode the Code
  • BOB Readers
  • Singapore Math
  • Handwriting Without Tears (for the 4.5 yo)
  • A Reason for Handwriting (for the 6 yo, and most likely moving forward)
  • Usborne Science Activities
  • Veritas Press History Cards (part of Classical Conversations)

I’m still not sure if I’m going to add in a formal language arts program or just stick with our daily journal time and see where that takes us.

Because I work full time from home, our homeschool time is fairly scheduled. Here’s what it’s going to look like each day:

  • Calendar Time
  • Read-Alouds (I’m guessing the little ones will join us for at least part of this)
  • Workbooks (Reading, Math, Handwriting)
  • Journal/Language Arts
  • History Cards & Related Activities
  • Science/Geography/Art/Experiment (one per day)

We do Bible as part of our read-aloud time, and we have a few different books/series that we choose from rather than one set devotional for the year.

Finally, I wanted to share better pictures of some of the products I mentioned in my video. Although I was sent these products for review, I really have incorporated them into my system because they solved a problem or issue for me. I love them all!

Carolina Pad's Dreamsicle Line
Carolina Pad’s Studio C Dreamsicle Line by JACK!E

Be sure to “like” Dreamsicle on Facebook to learn more about the Girls on the Run organization and how it’s inspiring little girls to develop self-esteem and self-respect as well as a healthy lifestyle through their program as they train to run a 5K together. You can also follow Jackie Savage McVee to learn more about her latest design projects and Carolina Pad to see their latest designs!

Avery's NoteTabs
Avery’s NoteTabs

Avery has a Facebook page called The Organization of Moms that is dedicated to sharing organizing and time management tips. These NoteTabs are by far my favorite Avery product. I use them in binders, in books, in magazines and in notebooks to easily mark a place so that I can refer back to it later!


And last — but definitely not least — here is a shot of my BusyBodyBook. I love that I can plan each week in detail in this notebook and check off things as we go, and I plan to use the left side to add notes about books to get from the library or supplies to buy for projects as well as notes about things we want to follow up on, do differently, etc.

Have you started your new school year yet? What is your favorite homeschool organizing product?

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way