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Overnight Success: How to Be a More Patient Mom

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action:

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Have you ever been grumpy with your kids? Have you ever used a tone of voice you regretted? Have you ever overreacted? Have you ever wished you were a more patient mother?

If not, you might want to move along. For all you humans reading this blog, I’m going to now share with you a tip that will help you transform into a radically more patient mother – overnight.

That’s right! Immediate success! Like an infomercial! Except better!

The Secret Tip

Here’s the secret tip. Go. To. Bed. Earlier.

Okay, stop rolling your eyes now. I realize you wanted another tip. Something…easier.

Sorry to disappoint, but while going to bed is hard for the toddler in us, it really does have a massive impact on our parenting.

Mom #1

A well rested mother has more energy.

A well rested mother has more focus.

A well rested mother is more productive.

A well rested mother is more fun.

A well rested mother is, yep, more patient.

Mom #2

A tired mom is…tired.

A tired mom floats from one task to another, never getting much finished.

A tired mom wastes time…being tired and pseudo resting (i.e. tv, internet, magazine reading).

A tired mom is too tired to be much fun.

A tired mom is grumpy.


Now, imagine with me that you’re 5 years old. You’re SOOOO excited to play with your new doll and you want to have a tea party complete with stuffed animal guests and real. water. tea. And paper sugar cubes even! But it would be ever so much more funner if Mama would play with you and use her fancy accent and pretend to be Lady Fancy Schmancy and drink with her little pinky up like she sometimes does and… and…

So you run to fill the tea pot and ask Mommy.

Mama!! Mama!! We’re having a tea party with real. water. tea!!!… and my animal friends said it wouldn’t be the same without Lady Fancy Schmancy and…”

WHOOPS!!! You trip and spill the water all over the wood floors.

In that moment, which mom would you want?

Choose Your Own Mom…

Well rested mom (in full Lady Fancy Schmancy accent): “Looooks liyke we’ve had a smawl spill. Let’s get mowre tea, shall we?”

Tired mom: “Ugh!! Again? You have GOT to be more careful! I can’t play with you now, I need to clean this mess up.”

And Your Kids?

Which mom do you think your children want? Which mom do they deserve?

Who do you want to be?

Rest is a simple thing can do to radically improve her attitude, health and perspective.

Granted there are seasons of sleep deprivation, but if we’re reading blogs or watching tv, we have time to get more rest.

Rest is more important than relaxation. And the more rest we get, the less relaxation we need.

I Realize It’s Not Easy

I know it might seem like a sacrifice to go to bed earlier. To give up a favorite TV show or catching up via Facebook with our 3rd grade #4 best friend that we had actually forgotten about until she sent that friend request and then Oh. My. Goodness!!! It’s So. Good. To. Catch. Up. With. You!!!

A Classic Example For The Ages

Really? That’s more important than rest? I’ve done it just as much as anyone. In fact, one time I stayed up WAY too late examining the facial expression of Faith Hill to see if she really was mad that Carrie Underwood won the CMT award.

Seriously. I watched the YouTube videos, read the comments and performed my own behavioral profile based upon my research. Or something like that.

And I don’t even listen to country music!

I was not the most amazing mom the next day. Thanks Faith.

I Double Dog Dare You

So my challenge to you is to determine how much sleep you really need to be your best.

Because our kids…they deserve our best.

Kat blogs at Inspired To Action, a site dedicated to helping moms develop the habits and skills they need to effectively manage their homes and raise children who are prepared to change the world. Kat loves music, running, technology, Jesus and Tex-Mex food. Not necessarily in that order.