Make Time for Healthy Breakfasts

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From Sniffle Solutions By Madonna Behen “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” You’ve heard that saying so many times it seems trite. But even though it may be cliche, nutritionists will tell you this tidbit is absolutely true. “Not only is skipping breakfast bad for a child’s metabolism, but it also means…

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Question of the Day: What Are Your Favorite Green Living Blogs?

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I have categories in my Google Reader that correspond to every category here at Life Your Way because I love discovering other blogs and highlighting great posts from around the blogosphere. Unfortunately, the green living category is fairly pathetic. I've deleted a few this month because they just weren't providing the kind of content I…

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Help Your Child Stay Organized and Productive

The following post is from Blessings of Working Mom Journal: Most parents think of ways to become more organized in their workplace, and in their own spaces at home. However, it is also important to help our kids clear their thoughts, stay focused, and be productive. Here are some great tips that worked for us.…

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