10 Things to Do Tonight to Have a Better Tomorrow

The following post is from Bernice Wood of Living the Balanced Life: Does that look like you in the morning? Mornings tend to be a rough time for many families. But we can create a foundation for a better day by preparing the night before. Below are 10 habits to incorporate into your nighttime routine.…

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Giveaway: AboutOne Membership (5 Winners!)

Over the past few months, I've shared quite a bit about AboutOne.com. Run by busy moms, AboutOne is the perfect solution for busy families who want to be able to access their important information at the touch of a button! AboutOne is an amazing tool for: Creating a digital home management notebook. Keeping track of…

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Chicken Noodle Soup {9 Ways}

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Oh, man. Last week our family battled the flu all week (the cold & flu kind, not the stomach flu kind...thankfully), and by Friday all six of us had it. Miserable. Anyway, I pulled out a rotisserie chicken that I'd put in the freezer a few weeks ago and made a pot of chicken noodle…

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An Evening at the Ski Lodge

I mentioned last weekend that I am participating in Apartment Guide's Old Friends New Space Blogger Challenge. We decided on a ski lodge theme, and our initial intention was to do a family-friendly kind of theme, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized that lots of candles would add the perfect…

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Free Book Inventory Printable to Track Your Collection

  These days, there are tons of ways you can keep track of your book collection, from online library systems to detailed Excel spreadsheets. But if you -- like Monique, who emailed me this printable suggestion -- would rather just keep a simple written list, then this printable is for you! You can fill it…

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