Journaling with a Twist: A Family Journal

The following post is from Kat of Inspired To Action: Would you like a simple and fun way to capture your children’s perspective, personality and opinions at various phases of their childhood? Capturing Memories: No Scissors Required Some mom’s are great at scrapbooking or journaling and do this with ease. Others, like me, well…not so…

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HTML Cheat Sheet for Bloggers

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Almost all bloggers have to learn the basics of HTML at some point. Although you can do a lot in the visual view of your dashboard, you have much more flexibility and control if you understand the HTML side as well. With that in mind, I put together this cheat sheet of commonly used HTML…

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5 Simple Tips To Be More Effective with Your Time

The following post is from Celestine of The Personal Excellence Blog: When I first started my personal development business two years ago, I would do everything myself. I read every reader email in detail and would reply to them in few days' time. I oversaw every part of the business, from the blogging, site administration,…

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Motivational Quotes Printable & Desktop Background

When you're pursuing a goal or dream or working to make your vision a reality, it's easy to get discouraged, especially if you focus on the day-to-day challenges and failures rather than the big picture. I created this printable/desktop background with some of my favorite quotes and phrases to encourage you to keep pursuing your…

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