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Parents Guide to an Easy Bedtime

The following post is from Brad, a web designer and father of quadruplets:

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We all have been frustrated as parents of young children with the seemingly simple things in life that are just not easy anymore.  You know what I am talking about, right?

Like going to bed for example.  Clean up the toys, take a quick bath, brush teeth, go pottie, get a drink, go to bed.  This should not be a problem, right?  We do it EVERY NIGHT!  (I hear those moans and groans out there, I am with you!)  Then, you think you are done, they are in their bed, right?  Heck no, there are still 100 excuses and crisis’ to deal with before they finally drift off to sleep.

I recently read this post by Glennon over at Momestary and was nearly rolling on the floor at her description of bedtime.  (If you haven’t read it, you should.) It’s not often that you get such an honest assessment of the struggle that is bedtime.

Solutions!  I Want Solutions!

Men don’t often like to talk about their problems, we just like to solve them.  No need to talk about our emotions, no need to actually listen to anyone else.  Nah, we just take the bull by the horns and fix it!

I have some ideas that I want to run by all of you for solving some of these common problems we deal with as parents.  I say we pool our resources and create some of these.  Maybe we can get Walmart to sell them?

My ideas:

1. Sleep Bomb
Have you ever seen those bug bombs?  While I question the wisdom of filling your home with a fog of insecticide, my idea involves a completely safe, natural, and organic fog that immediately puts your children to sleep.  Impossible you say?  We have been to the moon and carry the internet in our pockets, how hard could this be?

Now, I just need volunteers for human trials.  Volunteer your children by commenting below please.

2. Robotic Toy Cleanup Machine

Maybe your perfect little children only get one toy out at a time, then put it back before getting out another.  You don’t need help on this one.  But for the rest of us whose children make it look like a tornado hit the toy room, we need help!

I have always said I need a huge rake designed for carpet/wood flooring that would help me gather the toys into a pile near the toy box.  THEN IT HIT ME, have you ever seen those robotic vacuum cleaners like this?

We need an iRobot Roomba Toy Cleaner!  Does anyone have a contact over at iRobot?  This could even be an attachment for one of these babies!  Let’s start an email campaign to get them to develop it!

3. Automatic Child Wash (Goodbye bath time!)

This is one of my favorite ideas!

Bath time should be a calming time to bond with your children as they settle down in the warm bubbles at the end of a long day of play.  However, at my house, its usually a time to see how much water we can splash out of the tub while daddy and mamma break their backs bending over the tub washing their squirrely rear ends!

I ran across this tool called the Roller Wizard one time that is intended to wash the paint out of your paint roller.  As I looked at it I came up with a wonderful idea!  What if we could talk this company into making this big enough for a child to fit inside?  Their little head would stick up out of the top while the rest of their body was sprayed down with soap.  They would be unable to squirm away, and you could wash their face and hair with no problem!

I’ll test this one on my boys if I can talk them into making it!

How about you?  Have any ideas for products that would make your life easier?

Brad is the father of four 5-year-old energetic quadruplet boys. He runs 4tunated Design from home which blesses him with the opportunity to be a nearly constant influence on them. Brad has a passion for leading his family biblically as a servant, and enjoys nearly every moment of it.