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Passive Income for Photographers: Selling Photos Online

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The notion that photography is a profession reserved for those who can afford the most expensive and high-quality equipment is a rather outdated one. We live in an age where people walk around with little production studios in their pockets, able to easily utilize a smartphone to take beautiful photos of practically anything. And with the right platform, one can easily sell photos online and earn passive income. Enter Wirestock. 

Catering to both amateur and professional photographers, Wirestock is a platform that takes all the manual legwork out of the actual process of selling visual content. The process not only becomes a matter of minutes but also allows you to maximize your earnings through one-door access to the largest stock photo marketplaces (more on that later). Bottom line, if you’re a photographer searching for a stable source of secondary income, it’s time for you to start selling photos online with Wirestock.

How does Wirestock Help Modern Photographers?

Keywording and Captioning Taken Care Of 

Photography as an art form can be many things: fascinating, demanding, creative, beautiful, and time-consuming. The latter part cannot be more true in our modern world, where the process of selling stock footage comes hand in hand with filling out forms, writing keywords, and coming up with captions. Marketplaces for stock photography like Shutterstock, Alamy, Adobe Stock, and Pond 5 all come with their own sets of rules and regulations, getting acquainted with which is enough to make a creator overwhelmed. On top of all that, picking the right marketplace for your photography is something you’d normally have to think about, resulting in the wrong choice ridding you of potential income.

Wirestock comes through for these creators, making the abovementioned process practically irrelevant. This platform makes it seamless for creators who do not know or do not have the time to learn all about marketplaces and the required metadata. Instead, Wirestock automates these steps for you—all you need to do is simply upload your work, select their “Easy Submission” option, and keywording and captioning are automatically taken off your hands.

One-Door Access to Stock Photography Marketplaces 

Additionally, Wirestock makes it so you can distribute your content to all the major players in the stock photography game, all at once and in seconds. After uploading your work, you can select famed stock photo marketplaces like Shutterstock, Alamy, Adobe Stock, Pond 5, and others and let Wirestock take care of all the rest. The platform distributes your work to all of these marketplaces, making your chances of selection (and the income that comes with it) significantly higher. Because why choose one channel of income when you can choose multiple at once?

Referral Fees

If you’re using Wirestock and want to spread the cheer, there is a way of doing it, which comes with extra money in your pocket. Referring other contributors to the platform via your referral link (found on your account’s dashboard page) gives you 10% of the royalties earned by them for an entire year. You can find the total number of creators joined through your referral link and the money you’ve generated on the dashboard.

Print Sales

In addition to selling your photos and visual content online, Wirestock also allows users to sell and buy prints directly from a free portfolio provided by the platform. Instead of falling down a rabbit hole of how to sell photography prints on your own, do it through Wirestock— printing and shipping needs taken off your shoulders, with a 30% commission on earned royalties.

What Kind of Photography does Wirestock Favor?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed that the industry has moved from staged, posey-looking stock photos to more authentic content, no matter which line of photography you’re in. Real people doing real things and reacting in their most authentic emotions is the content that is in right now. And Wirestock, like many other stock photography and videography platforms, places a lot of value on authenticity. 

But, as far as any specific niche goes, Wirestock is essentially anyone’s game. All you need to possess as a Wirestock creator is a unique eye for the beauty surrounding you and a lens that wanders far and wide. 

Featured Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay