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Personal Injury Incidents: What You Need to Know

In this crazy world, we live in, it feels as if there are an endless number of situations where you might benefit from a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer’s job covers many unlucky incidents you could encounter- falls, car, motorcycle, or boat accidents, animal attacks, or even medical malpractice cases. They operate under tort law, which means that they cover both acts of negligence as well as acts with intention. Their job is to represent you and provide you with the legal aid you need to pursue a claim. Should you or one of your loved ones find yourself in one of the aforementioned personal injury incidents, there are a few things you will need to know:

What exactly does a personal injury lawyer do?

The role of a personal injury lawyer can be compared to a knight in shining armor for individuals in need. Their goal is to provide you with the level of compensation you deserve based on the type of event and damage that occurred because of it. In the event of a motor vehicle accident, they work with insurance agencies to get the best possible settlement for you. They do not operate the same way that defense attorneys do- typically, they maintain a contingency fee basis. This means they do not charge their attorney fees until after they have obtained a solution for you- whether it be a settlement, jury verdict, or other types of solution. However, since their pay is structured this way, it allows them to engage only with the clients or cases they believe they have a good chance at winning.

What type of cases do they cover?

As mentioned earlier, personal injury lawyers can take on a variety of cases. Motor vehicle accidents (cars, boats, and motorcycles) are covered under this, and accidents involving other types of transportation, such as bikes and planes and those involving public transit, are included. Premises liability cases are also included under their skillset. Premises liability cases could consist of negligent security cases, where the property owner failed to uphold their responsibilities as the landowner and provide security on commercial or residential properties, resulting in some injury or damage to property. 

Where do I find personal injury lawyers?

Depending on your area, a personal injury lawyer willing to work for you can be just down the road. Asking trusted friends or family for references is always an excellent way to go, but if you are unsure where to start- ask any of the lawyers at Kendall Law Firm for their time and skilled expertise. Be sure to bring all the information you have regarding your case details, and they will be sure to give you an honest review of your incident and what they can do for you. 


Overall, give yourself peace of mind and find yourself a personal injury lawyer for when or if you or someone you know and care for should ever require one for any unforeseen circumstance. Personal Injury Lawyers are there to service you and get you what you deserve in lieu of a tragic incident

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