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Pine cone and holly berry wreath {101 Days of Christmas}

My mom is the queen of wreaths. Three years ago, she made these beautiful hanging pinecones for her front door, but two years ago, she was preparing to move, and last year she was living in Florida (where pinecones just don’t quite fit…), so she hasn’t made a Christmas wreath since.

But this year, she’s in North Carolina, home of pine trees, pine needles, and pine cones. {Which means it was really hard to find big pine cones to buy for this wreath since all of the ones in her yard were smaller. Imagine that…no market for pine cones in North Carolina!}

I love this pine cone wreath because it’s simple and elegant, and the red holly berries keep it from being boring!

Pine cone and holly berry wreath


  • pine cones in a variety of sizes
  • holly berries*
  • grapevine wreath
  • hot glue

*She bought bunches of holly leaves and just cut off the berries to use; I don’t know if you can find the berries by themselves.


Start by gluing the largest pine cones around the middle of the wreath, pointing them in different directions. Use plenty of glue so they’ll hold securely.

Repeat with the medium pine cones, making sure that they go in all directions to make the wreath look random and full.

Fill in any spaces with small pine cones, and then add bunches of holly berries all around.

Don’t focus on perfection because it’s easy to overthink it; just add the pine cones and berries where you see an open space!

If you will be away during Christmas and won’t be putting up a Christmas tree, the wreath will still bring holiday cheer.

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