Plan It, Don’t Panic: A Complete Meal Planning Resource

plan it don't panic

Earlier this week, I posted a fun giveaway for Plan to Eat, my favorite meal-planning resource (there’s still time to enter to win if you haven’t already!).

But if the thought of meal planning still seems overwhelming to you or you’re not sure where to begin, Stephanie Langford from Keeper of the Home has just released an ebook called Plan It, Don’t Panic, which is full of great ideas to help you save money and sanity by planning your menu ahead of time.

Stephanie walks you through the different methods of meal planning (once a week versus a month at a time, dinner only versus all meals plus snacks, Plan to Eat versus paper and pencil etc.) and shows you how to:

  • Stop spending too much money and start making the most of every grocery dollar
  • Avoid the stress and panic of what to cook each night for dinner
  • Serve your family more balanced, healthful meals (rather than resorting to convenience or compromise foods)

Plan It, Don’t Panic also includes 4 weeks of real, whole food meal plans, complete with breakfast/lunch/dinner, plus 11 printable planning pages from ListPlanIt! It’s a great resource to help you be proactive in the kitchen so that you can feed your family better while saving money and reducing your stress!

Get your copy of Plan It, Don’t Panic today for just $4.99!