Plan to…Craft?

craft organization

Plan to Eat is so versatile that you can use it for more than just meal planning, and today on the Plan to Eat blog I’m sharing how I organized a massive crafting week with my mom using my account:

My mom and I recently held a marathon crafting session to prepare for the upcoming Christmas series that I’m hosting at Life Your Way. We made DIY ornaments, cards and more, and as you can imagine, we had to purchase and organize a significant amount of supplies in order to do so.

As I was planning our crafting days, I realized that Plan to Eat was the perfect solution for organizing these projects as well as my weekly menu plan.

Using the new bookmarklet, I added the “recipe” for each project to my Plan to Eat account. I chose to leave the course and cuisine blank, but I added tags to the various projects (handmade cards, DIY ornaments, etc.) so that I could quickly sort through them.

Read more about how I actually set it up and share your own creative uses for Plan to Eat…

If you’re not already using the pantry staples list and store shopping lists to simplify your meal planning, be sure to read about those features as well!