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101 Days of Christmas: Popcorn Garland

popcorn garland

I’d never made popcorn garland before this, but it’s really a fun activity for older kids, and you can use it to decorate inside or to leave a treat for your feathered friends outside!

Rather than making a plain garland, we added dried cranberries to ours to add a pattern with a pop of color.

This is a simple — but somewhat time-consuming — activity that lends itself to lots of conversation and laughter!


  • popped popcorn
  • cranberries or other colorful dried fruit, optional
  • thread & thick needle


Hint: For easy popcorn, add 1/3 cup kernels to a paper bag, fold the top over several times and then pop using the “Popcorn” setting on your microwave.

Carefully string your popcorn using a needle and thread, adding dried fruit every so often to create a pattern or design. Tie off at the end and carefully wrap around a tree.

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