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New Year’s resolutions often get a bad rap because we traditionally set lofty, unrealistic goals for ourselves — as if we will suddenly become a new person just because the calendar turned a page — but goal-setting is actually a really important practice that allows you to make slow and steady progress toward improving your life and achieving your dreams.

We’re hosting this series on the work channel only because that’s where we talk about personal growth most often, but it’s for anyone who has any type of goal: Whether you want to run a marathon, yell less, read more books in 2013, start a new business or take your blog to the next level (or any of a million other possible goals), I hope you’ll join us for the next 31 days to make actual, real progress toward your goal:

1. Make a list of ALL of your goals.

2. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

3. Prioritize your list of goals.

4. Choose one goal to focus on.

5. Be specific.

6. Define milestones.

7. Make a plan.

8. Share your goal (or not).

9. Seek accountability.

10. Avoid perfection paralysis.

11. Make it a priority.

12. Create an inspiration board.

13. Celebrate mini milestones.

14. Track your progress.

15. Just do it.

16. Mid-month check in.

17. Expect success.

18. Embrace failure.

19. Don’t give in to discouragement.

20. Take time to reflect.

21. Adjust as you go.

22. Find a mentor.

23. Form a Junto.

24. Decide whether you’ll cheat.

25. Layer your goals.

26. Use a goal-setting app.

27. Set a fun goal.

28. Evaluate your progress.

29. Know when to quit.

30. Reward yourself.

31. Keep on going.

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