Practical Ideas for Impractical Pieces

source: Real Simple

I’ve shared before that I don’t think sentimental or heirloom pieces should be locked away. While I understand the need to protect certain pieces, I think we get much more joy from them when we actually use them. Real has an article called “Simple, Practical Uses for Silver,” and I loved their ideas for using silver around your home in unique ways. It also got me thinking about other ways to incorporate family heirlooms and antiques — as well as pieces like china and crystal that may not be used every day — into our home decor.

source: Real Simple
source: Real Simple

1. Hang china on the wall in dining rooms, kitchens and even bedrooms as beautiful wall art.

2. Frame silverwear and hang it on the wall a la Nesting Place.

3. Use a crystal vase or tray to add an element of surprise and sophistication to casual kitchens and bathrooms.

source: Design*Sponge
source: Design*Sponge

4. Make candles out of old tea cups to give as gifts or brighten up a guest room.

5. Use silver trays to show off a collection.

Do you have any heirlooms or antiques displated in your home in unique ways rather than stored in a cabinet where they’re unused and unappreciated?

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way