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101 Days of Christmas: Pretty DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY dry erase board

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This is a simple and fun project that would make a great, practical teacher gift.

Everyone loves a dry erase board (no?), and with a piece of plexiglass and a pretty piece of scrapbook paper, you can make a decorative board that’s perfect for hanging on the wall or side of the fridge.

Pair it with some coordinating dry erase markers and an eraser for a simple gift!

DIY dry erase board


  • small piece of plexiglass (check your local home improvement store)
  • scrapbook paper
  • Mod Podge & foam brush
  • coordinating ribbon
  • drill with small bit


Drill two small holes in the corners of your plexiglass.

Get your scrapbook paper ready and then begin spreading a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of your plexiglass until it’s covered in even, smooth strokes.

Lay the plexiglass on top of the scrapbook paper, working quickly to align the edges.

Turn over and smooth any bubbles or wrinkles out of the paper.

Let dry completely and then trim the edges with an Exacto knife. Be sure to cut the paper out of the drilled holes as well.

Thread ribbon through the corner holes and tie a bow at the top.

And you’re done!

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