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In less than two weeks I’ll be traveling to Blissdom ’10 in Nashville to network with some of my favorite bloggers and spend time focusing on ways to take Organizing Your Way to the next level.

In preparation for the conference, Tara from Deal Seeking Mom and I have been hard at work creating a printable Blissdom planner to help you organize your Blissdom experience from start to finish, and I’m excited to finally share it with you.

In this planner, you’ll find the conference schedule and daily agendas to help you keep track of the sessions you want to attend as well as space for other parties, dinners and meetings you’ve set up.

You’ll also find a packing list (visit our original list for notes about the items we recommend) and travel itinerary. And most importantly, plenty of pages for taking session notes and creating to-do lists for when you get home. Keep track of the bloggers and PR reps you network with, the things you talk about and the swag you receive.

The printable planner is 26 pages in all. View, download or print it right from here!

A special thanks goes to Shaina from Food for My Family for her feedback and brainstorming help and to Amanda from Oh Amanda! for the fabulous C.S. Lewis quote. And of course, to Tara from Deal Seeking Mom for sponsoring the planner!

View the Blissdom Planner on Scribd

If you’ll be at Blissdom, please let me know so I know to look for you!