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Printable Gift Tags for Every Occasion

The following post is from Jason & Jennifer Bruce of New Season Design: Printable Gift Tags for Every Occasion


When it’s time to wrap Christmas gifts, we go all out. Cute bows, cute paper, and especially cute gift tags. But what about the rest of the year? Do you put the same thought and effort into wrapping Mother’s Day, birthday, or anniversary gifts? We created these everyday gift tags so that you could keep a supply of cute tags on hand for those gift-worthy occasions that pop up throughout the year.

Print them now, trim them on the dotted lines, and stash them away until it’s time to give your next gift. Bonus: If you’re not a big card person, these tags can take the place of a card and help you save money!

Click here to download or print the Printable Gift Tags for Every Occasion.

Jason & Jennifer Bruce are the husband-and-wife design team behind New Season Design, where they work together to help clients put their best foot forward online. Jason is a pastor-turned-graphic designer, and Jennifer is a teacher-turned-blog designer who also blogs at The Simple Pen about life, learning, and the things she loves.