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Printable nativity set, cranberry crunch bark + more {101 Days of Christmas}

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101 Days of Christmas 2015

Each week this holiday season, I’m sharing seven of my very favorite 101 Days of Christmas projects from the archives.

My main strategy for avoiding stress during the holiday season is to start early, but even if you’re just starting to think about Christmas, you can simplify by saying no to the things that don’t fit your vision for the holiday. You don’t have to do certain things because either people do or even because extended family expects you to. Instead, start by making a list of the things that are most important to you and then fill in your schedule and to-do list around those, leaving plenty of margin so you can breathe in the wonder of the season!

Printable Nativity Set

{77} Printable Nativity Set

I love this printable nativity set so much! It’s sweet and fun, and we’ve added a few different variations over the years so you have plenty to choose from!

Click here for this free printable. And don’t miss the popsicle stick puppet and magnetic variations.

Chocolate-Covered Candy Canes

{78} Chocolate-Covered Candy Canes

Again…chocolate and peppermint, what more do I need to say?! (This is a really fun way to dress up simple candy canes!)

Click here for the instructions.

Gingerbread Caramels

{79} Gingerbread Caramels

Shaina strikes again with these delicious gingerbread caramels. What a cute gift a box of these would be!

Click here for the recipe.

cranberry crunch bark

{80} Cranberry Crunch Bark

Making barks at Christmas time is so much fun because they’re simple, beautiful and delicious. Whether you’re serving them at an event or packing them into cookie tins, be sure to add this recipe to your list.

Click here for the recipe.

printable appreciation tags

{81} Printable Appreciation Tags

I love taking time out of our holiday celebrations to say thank you to our regular UPS driver and mail lady, the guys who pick up our trash and more. These cute printable tags can be paired with a special treat or gift card as a simple but thoughtful thank you!

Click here for this free printable.

Flat Gingerbread Houses {101 Days of Christmas at}

{82} Flat Gingerbread Houses

Although we discovered graham cracker houses last year, these flat gingerbread houses were the perfect activity when my kids were smaller and would get frustrated over the pieces falling apart on them!

Click here for ideas and directions.

peppermint meringues

{83} Peppermint Meringues

I know I’ve mentioned my love for meringues before, and these peppermint meringues are beautiful and flavorful!

Click here for the recipe.

What is your favorite way to find peace as the holiday madness kicks into gear?