Prioritize Your Goals {31 Days to Your Goal}

31 Days to Your Goal |

I hope you’ll join me this month for our 31 Days to Your Goal series! Be sure to start with a brain dump and a vision.

With your list of goals on paper and a vision to guide and motivate you, it’s time to prioritize your list. It is impossible to work on a dozen goals at once and give them all the attention and energy they deserve, but prioritizing your list will help you choose which goals to start with. It will also give you perspective on which goals really aren’t that important to you so that you can stop worrying about them.

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Prioritizing your goals isn’t about writing the list into law or committing to pursue the goals in that specific order; it’s about taking the time to think through the goals you’ve written down and decide how important they really are to you (not how important you think they should be based on what other people are doing, but how important they actually are).

It gives you a road map so that you can decide which goals to pursue (and which to forget about altogether!).

There are a couple ways you can prioritize your list:

1. Just rewrite the list with the most important at the top and the least important at the bottom.

2. Divide your goals into categories (work, home, health, etc.) and write the items in each group in the order you’d like to pursue them.

3. Choose a letter system (A, B, C) or number system (1, 2, 3) and give each goal a ranking to determine how important it is to you.

This is a great project to do in a quiet place with a hot cup of coffee or tea {if you can pull that off today}!

Was it easier or harder to prioritize your list than you expected?